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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


Oh dear. I tried. I looked through the book on my work. Let’s say that it depends. In these paintings, I’ve come as close as I expected, trying to establish a dialog with people, but I don’t really know. Certainly the paintings I like the best are those where I’ve seen something and I painted it and came as close as I could to the emotions I experienced when I saw the thing happening and painted it. To actually name which painting, I’m not sure which it would be really. I know that the painting La mort de ma mère (My mother’s death) that has always fascinated me and the fascination is still there and it never changes. After that I don’t rightly know, I don’t really have any. In general of course, I like them all, if like is the right word. There’s no single one that stands out. I don’t know anymore. I did sit down and look at them, wondering which I should speak about if I was asked to pick one.