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Question 17: In your opinion, how could society provide better support for the dissemination and the development of visual arts?


Dear Lord. You mean our society in New Brunswick? Well it all depends. They certainly could, there are several systems that exist and they could provide some sort of… After 30 years, it’s more than clear that I’m an artist, it’s too late for me to go to school to become a plumber, my heart would not be in it at all. Maybe they could provide some real help. Like right now I’m going through a tough time, hoping that it will be of short duration. If it wasn’t under a social assistance programme but a question of once you’ve proved who you are – I’m an artist, I want to be an artist – there would be money coming in just so you can have it, so that you wouldn’t have to worry or agonize over money. Now it seems that the existing system says that to be an artist you have to suffer, you have to live miserably, because that will make for better paintings. Unfortunately it’s a bit true, there’s a particle of truth in this, but at the same time it’s not necessary in a rich country like ours, they could create a system like they have in France. In France, once you apply to be an artist and you’re recognized as an artist, well you get a cheque every month that gives you the luxury to work without having to say, Oh dear, I‘ll go do some painting, oh but I need to find a job to pay for my canvas, you know. That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?