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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


First of all I start out like this: There are no problems, they don’t exist. If one day I wake up and tell myself: Oh Lord, there’s really a problem, that’s it, I think I’d set fire to my brushes. I suppose it’s like when I was younger, when I used to say: I can do this, I can do this. You live from day to day and you tell yourself: Ah well, wait till tomorrow, I’ll hit the jackpot tomorrow. You know I sort of live that way as well, I’m totally into the sentiment that persistence pays off, and one of these days, the mountain must come to Yvon Gallant. Because it’s not Mohammed who goes to the mountain, it’s the mountain that comes to Mohammed. I feel that the mountain is on the verge of coming to Yvon Gallant. At the same time, at some point, it loses its importance. You tell yourself, I’m working, I’m painting, what else can I do, you know? I’m not interested in being anything else.