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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


Let’s say with people in general, I have an interest. I really like to gossip because it brings, it develops, it sheds light on the way people operate. You’re just talking in parentheses, and all of a sudden details come out about people and people’s character. I try to bring some of that out in my painting. It’s just that I paint the everyday, what goes on from day to day. It seems that I’m always seeking out places where something is happening. You know I’m always fascinated by human nature, what makes people tick. So usually I’ll go picking through my past and see what is going on today. And if you look at the past and at today, there’s a lot of resemblance, so I try to paint that. At the same time, there’s some kind of a link, there is something that is universal in my work. I will paint something and lots of people will understand and be touched by it, because these are things that they’ve also experienced. And I’m from the 1950’s generation so everything that went on during that era well, is reflected in my work, of course.