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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


Well that’s a question, I don’t know exactly how it plays out, but let’s say that I’ve always admired Picasso and the way he worked. When I was in Paris, I went to the museum and there were a whole bunch of paintings that we normally don’t have the chance to see, or they don’t travel or you know, that it’s exclusive to France. Here you could see his first paintings; they looked like a real mishmash of stuff: he made drawings and painted over them, and he had pencil lines that showed through and everything. I find this really beautiful and totally marvellous. So it's a bit that. I certainly admire, we always love the great artists. At the same time, there are always local people that you’ll have a look at what they’re doing, something interesting like Roméo Savoie. Let’s say that I’ve always liked Roméo’s manner, his attitude towards painting, I found that it was really all right. I really like some of his works, they’re really beautiful. So for sure, I sort of try to do that.