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Question 10: Are there recurring themes or subjects in your art?


One thing for sure is I love the past. I have memories of when I was younger and we would go to visit my grandparents. I always found them so fascinating because they were people I didn’t really know all that well, and we’d go visit them. So I’ve made several series that are more or less memories of my life. I don’t seem to have done too many of these memories from the last 20 years. They’re all from when I was a bit younger. I love food so I’ve got many series on food, people eating fricot, poutines, stuff like that. It’s food that I find super strange. I’ve always been fascinated, when I go to big cities. I like to look for things that are so strange that nobody else would eat. I try to do that especially in Chinese places, they eat such strange things, like guts and things like that. I’m always looking for strange things. So that could certainly be one of my themes, as well as the events in my everyday life that are funny or sort of strange. In the large centres, of course, you see all kinds, and Moncton is getting that way as well. There are so many people on drugs, and junkies, it seems there’s always something quite strange going on, like bootleggers at 4 in the morning. So those are my themes.