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Question 2: Why did you choose this profession?


As of my second year at l’École des Beaux-Arts, I was lucky enough, after several tries at sculpture, to recognize one day a form that was mine, one that I recognized as having come out of me, and I will never forget the joy I felt at that moment. I really knew then that I would continue wanting to try to help others live that experience, the joy of creating. As for sculpture, it had become obvious to me that it would be my field of work. The third dimension was what captivated me the most. I’m a very concrete person, also, and choosing stone, which is a very resistant material, was completely suited to my rather slow way of working, and also it enabled me to say what I wanted to say with more accuracy and clarity. So from there, I was really… I knew that I was in the profession that suited me best, yes.