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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


The artists that leave a mark, that influence me, do so because of their philosophy, their passion or their authenticity rather than because of their style. As an example I can refer to the first artists that influenced me. Michelangelo, the Inuit, Rodin and Henry Moore all have very different styles. But what struck me in their work, the reason it marked and fascinated me was the vitality that emanated from their pieces. Now with time, naturally, there are a number of other artists that I’ve come to admire enormously and that may influence me, I hope. I can cite Magdalena Abakanowicz, an artist that made much use of natural elements and whose pieces are truly very imposing. I can say that this woman speaks to me very strongly through her work. Then there is Louise Bourgeois, well Louise Bourgeois is a cry for life that speaks volumes to me. And also she is a woman who has remained very genuine, very faithful to herself, independent of every artistic trend, she has always stayed on the fringe, but simultaneously, I feel, she’s always very contemporary. There’s also Jean-Luc Parent, a French artist that I discovered while on internship in France. I was totally bowled by his philosophy, by his simplicity and the strength of his work. So I was really jealous of him and I will never forget that exhibition by Jean-Luc Parent that I saw in France. There’s also Andy Goldsworthy, his vision of nature, his philosophy, his respect for nature and the things he can do with nature itself, he obviously speaks very loudly to me.